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Culture and Business of French Wines

Wine Tasting, Diploma Course

For business students or for anyone interested in the wine industry, we offer a diploma course entitled Culture and Business of French Wines.

Wine Tasting Course

This is an eight-week course, with a two hour class per week. At each session, four vintage wines are tasted, with a total of sixteen hours of teaching and 32 wines sampled. At the end of the course, after a blind tasting of two Grand Cru wines, students receive a diploma from the Institute of Oenology.

The professor is JoŽl Corre, director of the Institute of Oenology and specialist of Grands Crus wines.

Program of the Course

1. Grands Crus of Alsace

Technique and vocabulary of wine-tasting, noble grape varieties and Grands Crus of Alsace. Early and late harvests, dry and sweet wines. Matching Alsace wines with food.

2. Provence

White, rosé and red wines: the world success of Provence rosés. Sacha Lichine, “Pope” of the rosé wine, king of marketing.

3. Rhône Valley

The grape varieties and the appellations of Southern and Northern Rhone Valley. Harvesting, fermentation and oak barrel aging.

4. Bordeaux

The Bordeaux vineyard, the Right and the Left Bank of the Garonne river. The marketing of wines, the trading and the sale of new wines. The advantage of the Premiers Grands Crus.

5. Loire Valley

Appellations and grape varieties of the Loire Valley. The choice of viticulture: integrated cultivation, organic farming or biodynamics.

6. Beaujolais

One grape variety, thirteen AOC. Beaujolais and marketing, the most popular Beaujolais Nouveau. Ten “Crus” of Beaujolais, barrel aging or not.

7. Burgundy

The Côte d'Or and the famous Climats of Burgundy, the wine hierarchy. The history of wine, the dukes of Burgundy and the Cistercian monks. The world success of luxury wines.

8. Champagne

The vineyard, the grape varieties and the hierarchy of the Champagne wines. The méthode champenoise, the liqueur de tirage and the finesse of the bubbles. Winegrowers and négociants, the triumph of marketing.

Price of the course

The fee for the eight week course is 195,00 € per person, for a minimum of 15 students.

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